The 100 Year Tradition of Frangos

It really is small and square, so when you drop it on the tongue it melts deliciously, oh-so-slowly in to a yummy lump of mint and chocolate. You are truly missing out on one of Chocolates finest if youve never had a Frangos Mint Chocolate.

Frango Mints are something of the Andes-Candy-turned-bon-bon. With a filling of peppermint-flavored ganache, enrobed inside a semisweet chocolate shell, they are simply delicious.

These little individually wrapped Chocolates are rectangular in shape, use a nice firm center and a smooth, minty truffle taste and texture which will have you ever wanting more.

A Trademark Flavor

Making FrangosThe Frango trademark was applied when preparing for your opening of the new Frederick & Nelson store at the corner of 5th Avenue and Pine Street in Seattle. Once the store opened on September1918 and 3, it boasted a tearoom in which fashion shows were held for the enjoyment in the shoppers while they had lunch. Many diners finished their meal having a Frango, a frozen dessert that arrived in certainly one of two flavors: maple and orange.

The flaky confection was developed with 32 percent butterfat — triple the amount in regular ice cream. The “Fr” may have been used to tie in the name with Frederick., though it is unsure how the name Frango originated.

Delighting the Nation

Frangos at FredricksThe tasty morsels were a massive success, aided by heavy promotion from Gil Ridean, head of Frederick & Nelson’s Food Division. Packed within a white and green, eight-ounce tin, Frangos had become the perfect gift for any occasion. Priced at 50 cents a tin, the sweets were both elegant and cheap.

frango mints
Then in 1929, Marshall Fields bought out Frederick & Nelson, ordering the Chocolatiers to come to Chicago and introduce the Frango to the Marshall Fields stores in an attempt to improve slumping sales through the Great Depression. Before the Marshall Field Chocolatiers came up with their own Midwestern version of the Frango, it wasnt long. chocolate gifts

Frango Box Additionally, it was during this time that the packaging for Frango Chocolates changed. The Midwestern Chocolates were available in traditional flat candy boxes, with the chocolates set in candy papers, whilst the Northwests packing was comprised of individually wrapped Chocolates purchased in distinctive hexagon-shaped boxes.

“We use our recipes” and then sell them inside an octagonal box, said general manager Tom Means. “The original recipe.”